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House, car and contents insurance


Flexible, comprehensive cover at competitive prices from Ando.

At IronOak, we can help our clients with their general insurances too.

With Ando, your most important assets are covered with the backing of their international insurance partner, Hollard.

Ando has a range of cover options for your four walls, four wheels and the things that matter to you most.


Whether it’s major damage caused by a natural disaster or more minor damage caused by a branch breaking your window, Ando has the cover you need to protect your most important asset. Every home is different, so Ando's comprehensive policies are customisable, to provide you with exactly the amount of cover you require.


It’s important to have the right amount of cover to protect your prized possessions. However at claim time, many New Zealanders find out they are underinsured to fully replace their contents. This happens when your items are covered for the value you bought them at, not for what it would cost you to replace them at today’s prices. With Ando, you’re entitled to claim the full replacement value of most damaged or lost household items, and with their flexible policies you can adjust the value of your cover to reflect current market pricing.


Whether you’re driving to work or heading out of town for the weekend, it's important to stay mobile. If you’re involved in an accident and need to make a claim, Ando has three great policy options to keep you covered and get you moving again, fast: Comprehensive; Third Party, Fire and Theft; and Third Party only.

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I took out an income protection policy (along with other benefits) with Daniel a few years back. The policy was still very new when I had to make a claim. I was pregnant at the time and at the 3 month mark I injured my back. I was so well supported by Daniel and he made what could have been a very difficult claim an easy one. It was such a relief to have the support of Daniel and the policy at a critical time. My initial apprehension of 'another' policy proved unfounded and the investment truly paid off. I didn't have to stress about how I was going to cover my expenses and was able to focus fully on my health and recovery.  I would definitely recommend working with Daniel.  -  Donna Birt