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Daniel Smithwood - Director

Daniel began his career in insurance in 2005. He works closely with first-home buyers, self-employed professionals and small business owners. Daniel is committed to ensuring his clients’ needs are met with appropriate, transparent and affordable risk management solutions. He believes in building long-term relationships with his clients to ensure he delivers on promises made.

Kate - Customer support

A West Auckland local, Kate has an eye for detail, a passion for working with people and a drive for efficiency. She has many years of administrative experience in insurance and has quickly become an invaluable asset in the office.


Why should you use an advisor?

An insurance advisor is, above all else, your advocate. They are independent of whichever provider your insurance may be held with, which allows them to act in your best interests without conflict.

An experienced advisor (we recommend at least ten years of industry experience) is an expert in their field. They’ll not only save you the trouble of going from company to company, trying to work out what will suit you best, but can also can provide you with formal written advice, tailored to your particular circumstances.

Make sure you use a good advisor who is recommended not only by their clients, but also by other professionals.


At claim time, we are right there advocating for our clients, helping them get the best possible outcome with our experience, empathy and expertise.

We seek to empower and guide our clients through the process of creating a strong foundation of appropriate insurance, while allowing for the adjustment and growth that come with changing family needs, careers and businesses. We recommend and endorse strategies that can easily be adapted and updated as required.

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IronOak Financial Services are West Auckland based, with clients New Zealand wide.

Our small but dedicated team of advisors and support staff bring experience, passion and impartiality to insurance advice. We draw from our expertise in the areas of personal and business insurances to advise and support our clients to make well-informed decisions.

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Case study: Medical Insurance   

Cameron took out a policy a few years ago. It was with a good company and the benefits and amounts were reasonably appropriate to his situation. However, when it came time for Cameron to make a fairly minor medical claim some three years ago, his broker told him the procedure sounded “cosmetic” and didn’t find out more or lodge a claim.

When Cameron was introduced to Daniel by his mortgage broker, Daniel took the time to find out everything about Cameron’s situation, including the “cosmetic” procedure which was actually the removal of a cancerous skin lesion. Within two weeks, Cameron had a retrospective claim accepted and paid into his account (to the tune of some $4,000) plus had his benefits adjusted to better suit his needs. Cameron now meets with Daniel on an annual basis to ensure his benefits stay relevant and that any potential claim events are dealt with quickly and thoroughly.

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