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IronOak Business Insurance

Put the right plan in place.

With the right business insurance, you’ll have a contingency plan to protect your business should you, a shareholder or key person be affected by illness, injury or death. Ensure you have a protection plan that is customised to address the areas of risk that impact you and your business.

Why should I use an advisor?

An insurance advisor is, above all else, your advocate. They are independent of whichever provider your insurance may be held with, which allows them to act in your best interests without conflict. An  experienced advisor (we recommend at least ten years of industry experience) is an expert in their field. They’ll not only save you the trouble of going from company to company, trying to work out what will suit you best, but can also can provide you with formal written advice, tailored to your particular circumstances. In the event of a claim, an advisor will be there for you ensuring you are supported through the claim process.

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Daniel Smithwood Titirangi local

IronOak Financial Services are West Auckland based, with clients New Zealand wide.

Our small but dedicated team of advisors and support staff bring experience, passion and impartiality to insurance advice. We draw from our expertise in the areas of personal and business insurances to advise and support our clients to make well-informed decisions.

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Claim time is the moment of truth for insurance. Are you covered, how much will you get, how do you go about getting it, and most importantly, who will help you?

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