ACC CoverPlus Extra

ACC CoverPlus Extra
Flexible cover for the self-employed


Not many business owners are aware that there is an ACC benefit designed specifically for the self-employed.

While all earners in New Zealand, including the self-employed, are covered for accidents through ACC, there is a dedicated alternative available for sole traders, contractors, those in business partnerships and non-PAYE shareholder employees. CoverPlus Extra allows for flexibility and tailoring of the ACC package to suit your individual business circumstances.

There are a number of significant advantages attached to CoverPlus Extra that make it more beneficial than the default product, CoverPlus. These include not having to prove either loss or income at the time of claim, and being able to receive the full benefit even if the business continues to generate income.

Contact Daniel more information around CoverPlus Extra, additional advantages and how it might work for you in your business. Please note, advice and assistance with ACC structuring is only provided to clients who work with IronOak for their personal or business insurance.

Daniel Smithwood Titirangi localA testimonial from one of Daniel's clients

"Throughout every meeting we have had with Daniel he has had the utmost empathy, friendliness and professionalism. He answers the questions we don't even know how to ask and ensures a seamless process every step of the way. Not once did we feel like we were being given a sales pitch. Instead Daniel genuinely found the best solution for us at every step. Most significantly when we needed him last year for a claim he went above and beyond taking away huge amounts of stress. I suffered a head injury that made day-to-day tasks exhausting and left me unable to work for several months. It took a year to return to full work. Daniel assisted us at every turn. When forms and conversations with ACC and insurers were too confusing for me, Daniel helped me work through each step. With his help I got the ACC assistance I was entitled to as well as the most I could from the provider including payments for loss of income and premiums being waived. Without his assistance I dread to think what would have become of us financially." Madeleine Collins, Rocket Events

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As a small business owner there are always expenses to cut down on so I was thinking about canceling my income protection. Daniel told me not to and I'm so glad I took his advice. I hurt my knee on the job not long after that and ended up being off work for almost 6 months. Daniel helped me with both my income protection claim and my ACC claim. Thanks to him, I was able to claim from them both. Having Daniel there to advise, liaise and advocate for me made a huge difference at a very stressful time. It is entirely likely I would have lost both my business and my house otherwise  -  Jeremy Cox, JDC Builders